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Why Strategy and Consulting is important

The world is reshaping every day and only the organizations that are thinking on their feet have a hand in redesigning it. To be able to define change at such a level and then lead it requires strategies founded on deep knowledge and sharp industry expertise.


We bring you strategic transformation to bring out your A-game

MatchPoint Solutions helps clients gain insights plumbed through data science and years of experience across the value chain and build strategies that actually work.

Our strategic engagement models and advisory services encompass rigorous assessments, workshops, roadmaps, operational best practices, operational readiness, operational design, strategic design, solution design and architecture, optimization, certifications, managing governance, risk, and compliance, analysis, coaching, metrics, budgeting, outsourcing, IT finance, executive status reporting, training, program management, and project management.

Our Services

As strategic partners, we help you and your organization effectively prepare for and adapt to transition, assess IT portfolio and plan and execute new strategies, and leverage agile coaching and process improvement that drives measurable growth for a seamless digital transformation.

Change Management

Change beckons growth and growth beckons new transformations and so on. To harness change effectively and drive it sustainably, be it in the form of mergers, acquisitions, digital makeover, adoption of new technologies, restructuring, regulatory revisions, leadership switches, strategic direction readjustments, repositioning, reactions to market upheavals, or any other way of reorganization, our experts at MatchPoint Solutions have just the innovative tools and resources to meet every unique need of the business. What stays consistent: smooth transitions, minimal disruptions to the business, easy management, and transformations that meet business goals.

Customer Experience

With the digital landscape swiftly evolving, it is a complex world out there for both businesses and customers. With AI, data science, and our deep understanding of user experiences, we at MatchPoint can help you and your business efficiently align your processes and platforms, and leverage every single touchpoint for creating value and delivering superior experiences for both your customers and your employees.

IT Portfolio Assessment and Strategy

A strategic roadmap is essential when it comes to building a cutting-edge application and technology portfolio. Our experts at MatchPoint Solutions can help you identify prospects for migration, modernisation, decommissioning and rationalisation to help you achieve your business goals like cost reduction, augmented speed-to-market, and productivity improvement.

Agile Coaching and Process Improvement

We at MatchPoint Solutions can help you optimally and consistently deliver customer value by connecting you with your delivery teams worldwide and helping you effectively navigate through challenges of the real world. Our experts carry deep experience to successfully deliver Agile Coaching at any scale and across geographies.

How MatchPoint can help

Building the right IT Strategy

Our strategists comb through insights gained from AI and advanced analytics and our profound industry understanding to help you create IT strategies that meet business goals.


IT Consulting for 360° value creation

We can help you build and implement IT strategies and solutions that ensure business-IT alignment, and enable you to drive 360° value from your IT initiatives.

/Strategy and Consulting

Success Stories



MatchPoint helped Equinix quickly expand their ServiceNow team and systems to boost the throughput of automations and customer service capabilities.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Blaize upgrade their infrastructure from aging Active Directory Servers and move to the cloud, enabling external user access, centralized identity management, and single sign-on capabilities for their applications.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Sephora quickly size up their ServiceNow team and systems to increase their throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.


Salesforce Development

MatchPoint Solutions helped an energy major quickly scale their Salesforce team and systems to increase the throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.



MatchPoint Solutions helped RoundlyX redesign their entire user experience across mobile and web and implement the new application platforms within just 6 months.



MatchPoint Solutions provided AltoIRA with product design, architecture, and development expertise to help them white label their CryptoIRA and offer it as a service to other IRA companies.


Blue Studios

MatchPoint Solutions helped Blue Studios design and implement their new marketplace, offering a superior user experience and excellent instructor-analytics tracking for the administrators.



MatchPoint Solutions brought in industry-leading functional and technical expertise to ITW to help them upgrade their outdated and unstable BaaN ERP systems to a new consolidated ERP system, and enable a website integration post a seamless migration of the multiple existing sites to Azure. This sign.....


Accel Partners

MatchPoint Solutions helped Accel Partners redesign their website for superior usability and performance across devices and migrate their application to the cloud with ease.


API Management and Migration

A global mobility-as-a-service provider executed a complex migration of over 400 APIs over a brief course of six months resulting in superior application performance and user experience with the help of skilled experts from MatchPoint Solutions.


Service Now Support

MatchPoint Solutions helped our customer quickly size up their ServiceNow team and systems to increase the throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.


Product Engineering and Design

A team of six engineers and UX designers from MatchPoint had OS-agnostic apps conceptualized, built, and deployed in the client's App Ecosystem in less than 2 months, rapidly empowering them with new revenue opportunities in the pandemic.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Robinhood scale quickly to augment automation capabilities and implement wider integration between their enterprise business systems.



Palantir significantly boosted the automation and integration implemented between their enterprise business systems enhancing their burndown of User Stories by 10x the previous throughput with quick, expert help from MatchPoint Solutions.



Pandora was able to modernize their 15-year old Salesforce system, eliminate dependencies, and empower their development team through successful migration with the help of MatchPoint Solutions.


Cepheid | Danaher Corporation

Cepheid was able to migrate their on-premise datacenter to AWS, modernize the existing cloud resources, and effectively manage the workloads with deep cloud expertise and engineering support from MatchPoint Solutions.

Why choose MatchPoint Solutions?

MatchPoint Solutions brings to you experienced business leaders that have over 50 years of combined experience in the Business Strategy and Consulting services arena. Recognized and ranked as the 11th “Top Emerging Company” in the United States out of a pool of 1,500,000 eligible companies, we have consistently grown faster than projected and have positioned ourselves to be a competitive player in this market. Our flat organizational structure flat and very low overhead allows us to consistently beat the pricing offered by our competitors and deliver greater value to our clients.

Deep expertise gathered over 500+ customer engagements with 200+ certified consultants

Commitment to great service for our clients/partners with a guarantee

Flexible Delivery Model with Onsite, Offsite and Offshore solutions

Emerging company with a passion to engage and deliver beyond expectations

Awarded top 11 among US-registered diversity companies

Rigorous recruitment process to ensure the best-in-class resources

Let's talk about building the right strategy for your business!