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Life is short. Live it well at MatchPoint.

Technique over tact. Care over commerce. Long-term mutual successes over short-term personal wins. You get the idea. At our company, we believe in prioritizing what truly matters - our people. We understand that a healthy work-life balance is essential for success, not just in the workplace, but in all aspects of life. That's why we prioritize a culture of continuous learning and mutual support, where our team members can thrive both professionally and personally. We share the same values as our clients and partners - a commitment to excellence, innovation, and long-term success, and also their goals in both business and technology. If you align with our culture and values, and are passionate about helping our clients realize their dreams, welcome to MatchPoint!

Our team inspires us every single day.

Our 2200+ consultants, partners, and unparalleled presence across North America, EMEA, APAC, and India allow us to be available on-demand across the globe. Top-notch recruiting and retention structures enable us to consistently serve our Fortune 500 and startup clientele with unmatched satisfaction. And it happens only because our people themselves are engaged, supported, and satisfied.

/Working at Matchpoint

We swear we didn't make them say it

Collaborative. Challenging. Nurturing. Three words that best describe my view of MatchPoint because I have been working remotely from India with the team in California and I could not be more excited about returning to work every day!

Heena Kohli
Content Lead, MatchPoint Solutions

MPS has an incredibly supportive and collaborative environment. Early on during my tenure, I felt that my voice was heard and I was allowed to help shape our culture and procedures. We are put in a position to succeed and there is plenty of room for growth.

Alex Foster
Talent Acquisition Lead

MatchPoint Solutions feels like a family and has made me love my career journey. I feel truly valued and cared for here. My experience has been simply great—I can work flexible hours and have a strong support team who helps me become successful every day.

Sadaf Tarzi
HR Admin Assistant

As a front-end developer, I love building cool interfaces, making them interact, gathering together with my peers, and finding the best solution to an issue as well as learning from all of them in the process. MatchPoint changed my career by enabling me to build the coolest interfaces for some of the leading companies around the world and learn from everything that comes with it. People at MatchPoint have been very helpful as well, checking in every step of the interview process, and then making sure I settle in and everything is going great with me and the project.

Kerly Pereda Rodriguez
Front End Developer

It's been a wonderful cloudy and hybrid experience (pun intended) with MPS and my team members, this year. Learning coupled with hands-on implementation has been a distinctive feature of my time at MPS, and I hope to continue to experience this ahead in my journey.

Akash Suvarna
Cloud Engineer

I have been working with MatchPoint Solutions for about a year now. I absolutely love it here. MatchPoint Solutions treats their employees with respect, dignity, and honor. The work environment is fantastic and MPS always keeps its customers and employees happy. I have been in the industry for 17 years and this is the best experience I have ever had in my career. I look forward to the next 15+ years of growth and success.

Charles Cruz
Program Manager

Work and Live to your highest potential.

As a services firm, we understand and celebrate the fact that we’re only as good as our employees. Happy employees enable us to delight our customers. Which means we work doubly hard to ensure that they don’t need to worry about anything other than our customers. MatchPoint’s inclusive environment makes our employees feel like they are part of a team and family, even if they work for different clients and projects.


Our clients always come first but health is a close second. We give our employees everything they need to take good care of their health with packages for dental, vision, and a range of treatments they might need.

Time off

Our team members are always on to the next big thing. That's because they get the time off they deserve, to help them be their most productive and upbeat at work.

Retirement Plan

We offer a rich retirement plan with generous 401k benefits to all our employees to help them save maximum tax dollars and enjoy long-term financial benefits.

Employee assistance

Our easy, online onboarding makes the process simple for our new hires, and an employee self-service platform, direct access to HR and account managers – including after-hours – ensures our people have what they need to meet both day-to-day and long-term challenges.

Career path management

As firm champions of growth and learning, we have several learning and training programs for our employees, including proactive project search and new assignments.

Bonus plan

Our Accounts team provides our employees with a lucrative, well-charted bonus plan for referrals, performance, and end of the cycle.

We are a thoughtful bunch who just happen to be rethinking the future together

We passionately seek to promote and improve equality and diversity in our workforce. We’ve been ranked among the Top 15 companies in California for promoting minorities and women in technology, and as one of the Top 250 minority-owned businesses nine years in a row by Diversity.com.

We actively contribute to social causes. Our pivotal role in raising awareness for autism helped raise over a million dollars for the UC Davis Mind Institute’s work to improve the lives and outcomes of people with autism and their families.

We are big enough to deliver but small enough to care. We are a mature company capable of delivering global excellence, but remain small enough for flexible business relationships and delivery structures. This means we’re always the perfect fit for our customers.