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Readily meet your business imperatives with a strong and secure cloud infrastructure

In a booming digital era, business needs are changing fast and solutions like Cloud Migration, Cloud Security, Cloud Infrastructure, DevSecOps, Cloud Management, and Administration are becoming increasingly critical to meeting the associated changing customer expectations. Our Security and Infrastructure experts at MatchPoint Solutions can help you and your organization build a highly tailored Cloud and Infrastructure portfolio and readily meet business imperatives with our deep industry expertise and robust Cloud Infrastructure and Security services.


Secure Your Cloud Environment with Our Expert Solutions

Our cloud security and infrastructure experts help you and your business assess your current state, plan your infrastructure and an actionable security roadmap, and enable endpoint protection. Our team of experts has years of experience in cloud security and can provide you with the most advanced solutions to protect your business. Whether you're looking for protection against cyber threats, data breaches, or compliance violations, we have the tools and expertise to meet your needs.

How MatchPoint Solutions can help you

Cloud Security

As on-premises environments are barely able to fulfill the fast-evolving business innovation needs, enterprises around the world are adopting cloud solutions. However, moving to the cloud comes with its own cybersecurity issues. We at MatchPoint Solutions have the right cloud skills and expertise that can help you and your business migrate to hybrid cloud environments all the while retaining visibility, security, and the control that you need to stay ahead of threats and meet your strategic goals.

Cloud Infrastructure

Building, running, and managing next-gen IT infrastructure is critical to making businesses more secure, agile, service-focused, and empowered to deliver superior experiences to customers. Our experts at MatchPoint Solutions can provide your company with efficient, dependable, and tested cloud infrastructure services that correspond to the new-age information technology and can help you fortify your operational excellence.


With cybersecurity challenges on the rise, securing the development environment and software supply chain early on in the development cycle is indispensable to meeting strategic business goals. Our team of experts at MatchPoint Solutions can help you and your business build secure apps in collaboration with a trusted DecSecOps framework.

Cloud Management and Administration

To facilitate the management of enterprise cloud resources in a cost-effective and efficient manner, it is becoming increasingly critical for businesses to employ reliable cloud management and administration tools and services. Our experienced infrastructure experts at MatchPoint Solutions can help your team with proactive maintenance, monitoring, server support, backup, and recovery, and with more unique day-to-day business needs.

Cloud expertise that runs deep. Range of services that runs wide.
  • Managing Cloud Infrastructure and Service
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Cloud Application Modernization Services
  • Automation and DevOps
  • Cloud Consulting and Advisory
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Cloud Assessment
  • Optimization and Transparency
  • Enterprise Digital Operations Support
  • Network and Security Services

/Security and Infrastructure

Success Stories



MatchPoint Solutions helped Blaize upgrade their infrastructure from aging Active Directory Servers and move to the cloud, enabling external user access, centralized identity management, and single sign-on capabilities for their applications.


API Management and Migration

A global mobility-as-a-service provider executed a complex migration of over 400 APIs over a brief course of six months resulting in superior application performance and user experience with the help of skilled experts from MatchPoint Solutions.



Pandora was able to modernize their 15-year old Salesforce system, eliminate dependencies, and empower their development team through successful migration with the help of MatchPoint Solutions.


Cepheid | Danaher Corporation

Cepheid was able to migrate their on-premise datacenter to AWS, modernize the existing cloud resources, and effectively manage the workloads with deep cloud expertise and engineering support from MatchPoint Solutions.

Why choose MatchPoint Solutions?

MatchPoint Solutions brings to you experienced business leaders that have over 50 years of combined experience in the Cloud Security, Migrations, and Infrastructure Development and Management arena. Recognized and ranked as the 11th “Top Emerging Company” in the United States out of a pool of 1,500,000 eligible companies, we have consistently grown faster than projected and have positioned ourselves to be a competitive player in this market. Our flat organizational structure flat and very low overhead allows us to consistently beat the pricing offered by our competitors and deliver greater value to our clients.

Deep expertise gathered over 500+ customer engagements with 2200+ certified consultants

Commitment to great service for our clients/partners with a guarantee

Flexible Delivery Model with Onsite, Offsite and Offshore solutions

Emerging company with a passion to engage and deliver beyond expectations

Awarded top 11 among US-registered diversity companies

Rigorous recruitment process to ensure the best-in-class resources

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