/API Management and Migration

API Management and Migration

A global mobility-as-a-service provider executed a complex migration of over 400 APIs over a brief course of six months resulting in superior application performance and user experience with the help of skilled experts from MatchPoint Solutions.

/The Challenge

Our client was looking to migrate a large number of services and APIs that were running on an older NodeJS framework and were impacting application performance and the user experience. The team lacked the resources to complete the migration in a timely fashion and needed support and expertise.

Large-scale migration was too complex to handle
Inferior application performance
Bad user experience
Lack of effective resources for timely execution
/The Solution

MatchPoint Solutions quickly scaled up a team with the right skill sets to help our client execute the migration of over 400 APIs over the brief course of six months. Our experts completely managed the testing, acceptance by the various consumers of the services, and cutover of services to the new APIs.

Quickest execution

Delivery across Go, Java, API Gateways

Complete end-to-end management

Successful large-scale API migration


/Client Profile

Our client is an American mobility as a service provider based in San Francisco, with operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide.

93 ​

Million Customers​​


Billion in revenue​


Employees internationally​​


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