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Blue Studios

MatchPoint Solutions helped Blue Studios design and implement their new marketplace, offering a superior user experience and excellent instructor-analytics tracking for the administrators.

/The Challenge

Blue Studios needed a web-based system for instructors to apply to be part of the Blue Studios marketplace, submit courses and materials, and have them approved and certified by Blue Studios staff. They wanted the application to be easy to use and to allow tracking metrics on the instructors so that their administrators had as few manual touch points as possible.

Looking to make the application process easier for instructors
Need an interactive website with superior UI
Reduce the manual touch points between instructors and administrators
Enable admins to track metrics on instructors
/The Solution

Blue Studios engaged with MatchPoint Solutions to design and implement the new marketplace. We initially completed a design phase, where we detailed out the types of users, content types, and business process for submitting and approving content. We then prototyped the new interface using Adobe XD and Blue Studios was able to test the new UX with potential instructors. Once Blue Studios was ready to implement the new marketplace, we designed a secure cloud architecture on AWS for the application. We then developed the new application using Python, Django REST services, and ReactJS and delivered it in an iterative and agile process just over the course of 6 sprints and 18 weeks.

AWS, Python, Django, ReactJS Web Application

Secure cloud infrastructure

Quick delivery in just 18 weeks


In just 18 weeks, Blue Studios was able to design and implement a new marketplace with the help of MatchPoint Solutions.

/Client Profile

About Blue Studios

Blue Studios is a live-stream and on-demand platform, broadcasting entertaining STEM classes for kids, whether it be coding, robotics, botany, or microbiology.

Live, on-demand platform delivering for STEM classes​

Startup headquartered in San Francisco, CA​

Founded in 2019​

Mission is to teach a billion kids STEM skills​


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