/Product Engineering and Design


MatchPoint Solutions provided AltoIRA with product design, architecture, and development expertise to help them white label their CryptoIRA and offer it as a service to other IRA companies.

/The Challenge

AltoIRA had an existing platform called CryptoIRA which allowed their customers to invest in cryptocurrency and other digital investments via their existing IRA. AltoIRA wanted to release another similar product and provide it as a service to existing customers. They had developed some early wireframes for the product but needed product design, architecture, and development expertise to bring it to reality.

Product stuck in its initial concept phase
Need for reliable architecture and development support
Limited timeframe
/The Solution

The product was in its initial concept phases when we at MatchPoint stepped in to work in close collaboration with AltoIRA to take the concept to a full design, with a groomed product backlog and detailed wireframes. We then went on to deliver a full prototype and developed the MVP to release to AltoIRA’s customers.​

SDK and Widget development​

Highly performant transactions​

Groomed product backlog and detailed wireframes

Full prototype delivery and MVP development


MatchPoint Solutions helped AltoIRA speedily build a new product that enabled their customers to offer Cryptocurrency investment options to their investors.

/Client Profile

AltoIRA offers an easy-to-use investing platform that empowers everyday investors to diversify their IRAs by investing in alternative assets such as private equity, venture capital, real estate, loans, and cryptocurrency.

Financial Services​ company​

Enables crypto and alternative investments​​

Based in Nashville, Tennessee​

100+Employees ​


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