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MatchPoint Solutions brought in industry-leading functional and technical expertise to ITW to help them upgrade their outdated and unstable BaaN ERP systems to a new consolidated ERP system, and enable a website integration post a seamless migration of the multiple existing sites to Azure. This significantly reduced the maintenance costs and eliminated the need for manual updates across their vast online presence.

/The Challenge

ITW Manufacturing Group was using a legacy BAAN IVb2 ERP system that had high system maintenance costs and risked turning the business unproductive or uncompetitive. They were planning to upgrade to a new ERP system but wanted someone with proven industry expertise to help them navigate their new ERP journey with ease. The process demanded critical competence and meticulous skill as the data from the multiple ERP Systems needed to be consolidated and kept synchronized with their data warehouse until the migration was completed and implemented successfully.

High maintenance costs of legacy BaaN ERP system
Need for ERP migration and website integration for smoother operation
Need for On Demand BI Optimization and Visualization
Large project requiring high level of functional and technical prowess
/The Solution

The MatchPoint Solutions (MPS) Team brought together cutting-edge resources with world-leading industry, process, and integration experience to empower the ITW team with the functional and technical expertise required for this project. Our Professional Services Team went on to implement a phased approach to support the ERP implementation while providing Business Intelligence Optimization Services in parallel.

On-Demand Data Optimization, Visualization, and User Empowerment

MatchPoint Solutions leveraged the Data Warehouse to generate custom SSRS and Microsoft Power BI reports based on the priorities established by ITW. We also set up the needed security credentialing with support from ITW IS. This process was initiated with respect to the current Back Order Report for Paslode. As Baan data was imported and validated as part of Phase 1, we created reports using this data for the users.

Since the existing Baan ERP system was an outdated and unstable system, we worked with ITW to create a data extraction process. We began with fully understanding their requirements and their Baan source data, and went on to designing the ITW Data Warehouse data model and importing Baan data to the database using mappings.

Matchpoint Solutions managed the Data Warehouse Optimization effort by consolidating existing data from the multiple ERP Systems—Epicor 9, ROI, and Baan. This involved updating existing SSIS data packages pulling data into the Data Warehouse and creating packages to bring in data that was not currently being brought in. Then, ITW had multiple databases which were used to sync data from Epicor or ROI ERP systems. We consolidated the data and ERP system to help reduce cost and enable better manageability for the data infrastructure.

Upon consolidation of data from the three legacy ERP systems, we engaged with the ERP Vendor to perform a Data Mapping Exercise. Following that, we worked closely with the ERP Vendor to migrate Source Data to the selected ERP system. We managed the Database setup for the new ERP system on Azure, and created three environments for the new ERP system—Development, Test, and Production, managing the refresh for all three environments.

ITW had many websites which were hosted on different content management systems like Joomla, WordPress, Custom, and different hosting platforms. Many of these sites were using different E-commerce engines and catalog systems. Any update to any tool or part had to be done manually in all these sites. We helped ITW stabilize and migrate all the websites to Azure. Following that, we created the integration and the needed update protocol to have the websites reflect the most accurate information from the underlying source ERP tables and other data sources.


/Client Profile

About ITW

Illinois Tool Works Inc. or ITW is an American Fortune 500 company that produces engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products. Today, it employs nearly 65,000 people in hundreds of businesses across 58 countries, and is based in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Global industrial company ​

Differentiated business model​

Founded in 1912​

Based in Glenview, Illinois​


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