/Okta Setup and Migration


MatchPoint Solutions helped Blaize upgrade their infrastructure from aging Active Directory Servers and move to the cloud, enabling external user access, centralized identity management, and single sign-on capabilities for their applications.

/The Challenge

Blaize’s infrastructure was built on a set of aging Active Directory Servers and needed to allow for external access for their users, centralized Identity and access management, and single sign-on capabilities for their applications. Blaize wanted to move to the cloud but lacked the expertise to know what the right solution was and how to roll it out.

Loss of revenue due to COVID-19
Lack of a large in-house team of expert engineers
Lack of new and alternative revenue sources
Difficult to scale the team fast enough to timely solve the problem
/The Solution

Blaize engaged with MatchPoint Solutions to do an initial assessment of their infrastructure and needs. Once the assessment was completed, we recommended migrating to a cloud Active Directory infrastructure and deploying Okta for Identity as a Service (IDaaS). We reckoned, Okta would meet all of their needs for centralized identity and access management and single-sign-on while helping them integrate with external third parties. Thereon, we designed the new Active Directory infrastructure for Blaize, migrated their users to the new Active Directory and supported them in migrating their user devices to the new infrastructure. Once completed, we set up and configured Okta and deployed a pilot application to leverage the SSO capabilities. To take full advantage of Okta’s capabilities, we then used Okta to secure the company's HRMS application for their internal users. We finished the project on budget and on time and continued to do additional projects with Blaize.

New identity structure built on Okta IDaaS

Single sign on implementation

User directory migration

Deployed a pilot application to leverage the SSO capabilities

Blaize was able to modernize and build a brand new identity structure on the cloud and deploy a pilot application with the help of swift execution by MatchPoint Solutions.

/Client Profile

Blaize leads new-generation computing optimizing AI wherever data is collected and processed from the edge to the core.

Founded in 2010​

500+ Employees​

Headquartered in El Dorado Hills, CA​

Chip manufacturing ​


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