/Product Engineering and Design


MatchPoint Solutions helped RoundlyX redesign their entire user experience across mobile and web and implement the new application platforms within just 6 months.

/The Challenge

RoundlyX wanted to make their UI easier to use for the customer. Their app allows customers to connect their bank accounts and “round up” the transaction to the nearest dollar and invest that money in cryptocurrency. Popular as they were, their backend processes were fragile and prone to failure and their signup process had a high abandon rate because of poor usability. They needed their application platforms redesigned and fast.

Increasingly failing backend processes
High abandon rate of the signup process
Poor usability of the application platform
Substandard UI leaving customers overwhelmed
/The Solution

MatchPoint solutions helped RoundlyX redefine their user experience out-and-out through a complete redesign of the application platform. We began with usability testing on their current app to identify the pain points for their users. Post the comprehensive analysis, we built a new design for both Mobile and Web versions of the application and tested the new UI with users. At the same time, we also redesigned the platform to be hosted on Google Cloud. With our prompt expertise, we were able to implement the new apps across platforms in less than 6 months.

Rapid App Development

Implementation across native iOS, Android, Web

Superior UX design

End-to-end product design


In less than six months, RoundlyX was able to refashion and implement a superior user experience across mobile and web with the help of MatchPoint Solutions.

/Client Profile

About RoundlyX

RoundlyX is a global, full-spectrum, digital asset wealth management platform that allows users to round up their spare change into their favorite digital assets and items when making everyday purchases.

Founded in 2017​

100,000+ customers​

Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia​

Millions of transactions monthly​


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