/AWS Cloud Migration

Cepheid | Danaher Corporation

Cepheid was able to migrate their on-premise datacenter to AWS, modernize the existing cloud resources, and effectively manage the workloads with deep cloud expertise and engineering support from MatchPoint Solutions.

/The Challenge

Cepheid was undergoing a massive cloud transformation and migrating their on-premises data center to AWS. However, they were struggling to get that migration completed in the timelines they wanted to hit. Also, there were critical business apps like SAP that needed deep cloud expertise in order to migrate.

Cloud migration on a massive scale
Struggling to meet timelines
Need to quickly scale the existing team of engineers
In need of deep cloud expertise
/The Solution

Cepheid engaged with MatchPoint Solutions to add bandwidth to their team and accelerate their cloud migration. We provided architectural expertise and guidance on the migration process. We also provided cloud migration engineers to execute the migration and complete it on time. Once the migrations were completed, we provided operational guidance for the Cepheid operations team so they could manage the workloads.

Quickly scaled up the engineers' team for migration

Executed large-scale Cloud Migration within timelines

Migrated SAP on AWS using deep cloud expertise

Provided Surge support and operational guidance

MatchPoint Solutions helped Cepheid onboard a team of 5 candidates along with a Team Lead within just 2 weeks to execute the project successfully. Alongside, we helped them onboard over 20 candidates for Helpdesk in different geographical regions and continue to advise them in areas of Helpdesk Management. Our support helps them analyze opportunities, make data-driven decisions and apply industry best practices, solve end-user support issues, manage escalations appropriately, and manage change with site-level execution.

/Client Profile

Cepheid is an American molecular diagnostics company whose systems automate traditional nucleic acid tests that are used to identify and analyze pathogens and genetic disorders. Cepheid sells clinical tests for healthcare-associated infections, infectious diseases, sexual health, oncology, and genetics.

Founded in 1996​

4000 employees​


Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA​


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