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We can help you find the top-level talent for your business needs

Whether you are looking for a contract hire for the back office or a full-time employee to augment your staff, MatchPoint Solutions can help you and your business find the right talent at the right time to contentedly fulfill your business needs. Our strong team of 2200+ consultants is highly trained and equipped to identify virtually any type of skill set to meet the requirements of every kind of role across industries and ranging from an on-site position to a fully remote opportunity to anything in between.


Transform Your Team with Our Top-Notch Strategic Staffing Solutions

It takes talent to identify talent. Our strategic staffing specialists tread with utmost caution and urgency when it comes to finding you the resource who fits like nobody else. Our consultants engage in a thorough understanding of the client's business, meticulous evaluation of project portfolios, and rigorous study of business plans and growth projections to proceed to match the client with the full-time, contract, or contract-to-hire team members who will lead them closer to their business goals.

How MatchPoint can help you

Contract Hire

The right short-term solution can go a long way in helping your business grow. Our team of 50+ recruiters source from a global pool of top talent from around the world to get you the finest existing talent on contract for best meeting your temporary business need. This can also help you and your business optimize time to hire by syncing you up with the choicest talent for a fixed period of time before you can strategically evaluate them further for a long-term commitment.

Direct Placement

Our fast and flexible team of staffing experts can help you get exceptional full-time team members onboard most efficiently and smoothly and across areas including but not limited to IT, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Engineering, Administrative, and more.

Executive Search

We understand the importance of great leadership to drive change and hence our vast global network of staffing experts at MatchPoint helps you bring onboard talents who can meet the specific objectives and dynamics of your business needs. Our staffing solutions team walks the extra mile to help new hires fully immerse into your business and culture to be able to demonstrate leadership skills that they stand by.

Outsourced Recruiting services

Our industry-leading Outsourced Recruiting services couple best-in-breed technology and customizable solutions to bring more speed, flexibility, and agility to your teams. Our rigorous hiring processes ensure seamless compliance and a tailored approach allows you to scale your outsourcing up or down during high and low volume periods.

/Strategic Staffing Services

Success Stories



MatchPoint helped Equinix quickly expand their ServiceNow team and systems to boost the throughput of automations and customer service capabilities.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Blaize upgrade their infrastructure from aging Active Directory Servers and move to the cloud, enabling external user access, centralized identity management, and single sign-on capabilities for their applications.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Sephora quickly size up their ServiceNow team and systems to increase their throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.


Salesforce Development

MatchPoint Solutions helped an energy major quickly scale their Salesforce team and systems to increase the throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.



MatchPoint Solutions helped RoundlyX redesign their entire user experience across mobile and web and implement the new application platforms within just 6 months.



MatchPoint Solutions provided AltoIRA with product design, architecture, and development expertise to help them white label their CryptoIRA and offer it as a service to other IRA companies.


Blue Studios

MatchPoint Solutions helped Blue Studios design and implement their new marketplace, offering a superior user experience and excellent instructor-analytics tracking for the administrators.



MatchPoint Solutions brought in industry-leading functional and technical expertise to ITW to help them upgrade their outdated and unstable BaaN ERP systems to a new consolidated ERP system, and enable a website integration post a seamless migration of the multiple existing sites to Azure. This sign.....


Accel Partners

MatchPoint Solutions helped Accel Partners redesign their website for superior usability and performance across devices and migrate their application to the cloud with ease.


API Management and Migration

A global mobility-as-a-service provider executed a complex migration of over 400 APIs over a brief course of six months resulting in superior application performance and user experience with the help of skilled experts from MatchPoint Solutions.


Service Now Support

MatchPoint Solutions helped our customer quickly size up their ServiceNow team and systems to increase the throughput of developing new automation and strengthen their customer service.


Product Engineering and Design

A team of six engineers and UX designers from MatchPoint had OS-agnostic apps conceptualized, built, and deployed in the client's App Ecosystem in less than 2 months, rapidly empowering them with new revenue opportunities in the pandemic.



MatchPoint Solutions helped Robinhood scale quickly to augment automation capabilities and implement wider integration between their enterprise business systems.



Palantir significantly boosted the automation and integration implemented between their enterprise business systems enhancing their burndown of User Stories by 10x the previous throughput with quick, expert help from MatchPoint Solutions.



Pandora was able to modernize their 15-year old Salesforce system, eliminate dependencies, and empower their development team through successful migration with the help of MatchPoint Solutions.


Cepheid | Danaher Corporation

Cepheid was able to migrate their on-premise datacenter to AWS, modernize the existing cloud resources, and effectively manage the workloads with deep cloud expertise and engineering support from MatchPoint Solutions.

Why choose MatchPoint Solutions?

Our strategic staffing experts help you build a workforce that is agile, adaptable, and perfectly aligned with your business goals. We work with businesses of all sizes, providing a range of staffing services to help you find the right talent for your specific needs. Our team of experienced recruiters will work closely with you to understand your business objectives, culture, and hiring requirements, ensuring that we provide you with the right people at the right time. Our strategic staffing solutions are flexible and scalable, allowing you to adjust your workforce as needed to meet changing business demands. With a proven track record of success, we have helped many businesses build high-performing teams that deliver results. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our deep industry knowledge and expertise, makes us the ideal partner for all your strategic staffing needs.

Deep expertise gathered over 500+ client engagements with 2200+ certified consultants

Vast global network to give you access to the most outstanding talent anywhere

Commitment to great service for our clients/partners with a guarantee

Flexible Delivery Model with Onsite, Offsite and Offshore solutions

Awarded top 11 among US-registered diversity companies

Rigorous recruitment process to ensure the best-in-class resources

Let's talk about the Strategic Staffing needs for your business!