/Product Engineering and Design

Product Engineering and Design

A team of six engineers and UX designers from MatchPoint had OS-agnostic apps conceptualized, built, and deployed in the client's App Ecosystem in less than 2 months, rapidly empowering them with new revenue opportunities in the pandemic.

/The Challenge

Our client's teams were looking to quarterly deploy a new App/Service within their App Ecosystem to help them find alternative revenue opportunities in select markets in the wake of COVID-19.

Loss of revenue due to COVID-19
Lack of a large in-house team of expert engineers
On the lookout for new and alternative revenue sources
Difficult to scale the team fast enough to timely solve the problem
/The Solution

MatchPoint provided the client with an expert team of six engineers and UX designers to deliver platform-agnostic apps with the first roll-out in less than 2 months.

Short turnaround time

Delivery across Native iOS, Android, Web

End-to-end support from early conceptualization to actual deployment

Good UX to speak to the target audience in the select markets for driving revenue

/Client Profile

Our client is an American mobility as a service provider based in San Francisco, with operations in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide.

93 Million Customers​

$11.1 Billion in revenue​

11,000 employees internationally​


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