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Scaling a team of frontend engineers to help our partner fast-track web development for their client

Our partner is one of the largest private companies in America. As one of their customers braced for large-scale web development with Javascript, the $14.5 billion tech juggernaut relied on MatchPoint to combat the challenge of scaling its client's team and tackling the many associated complexities. Our partner's team leveraged MatchPoint's expertise to successfully build an engineering team and flag off critical frontend development for their client all within a brisk two-week timeframe.


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Business Need

Our partner is an innovation behemoth accelerating many Fortune 500 companies around the world. They team up with pioneering businesses at the forefront of technology to empower their customers with next-gen solutions. One of their customers, a leading American fast food restaurant chain, needed a solid team working for them in their time zone for Javascript development when the tech crusader approached MatchPoint to provide for their client's talent needs. The challenge was to quickly spin up a team of engineers for the web development project. The client required only top-quality engineers that could do frontend development with JavaScript, and they needed the engineers to be able to work in the same time zone as the customer.


We equipped our partner's client with best-in-class experts who aligned with their working hours and ticked all the boxes for their web development project in a period as short as fourteen days.


The Approach

As a trusted transformation partner, MatchPoint Solutions used its global delivery model to help our partner's customer with a frontend team of 4 engineers. We kicked off the engagement by getting our Delivery Manager to start working closely with our partner for determining the requirements for engineers for their customer. We then identified potential engineers and went on to technically and culturally vet them before presenting them to the partner. To our little surprise, 100% of the candidates were accepted by the client. And, not only did we help our partner find the engineers but also fully managed the onboarding of the new hires and kept them engaged until laptops were received. The MPS Delivery Manager worked closely with the partner to ensure that all timecard submissions, invoices, and payments were done on time.

Value Delivered in numbers

With our global delivery model, expert consultation and strategy, and fast execution, we delivered value to our client that was amply quantifiable:

  • 2 days: Within which the first engineer had been successfully identified by the MPS team.
  • 2 weeks: Within which the entire team of engineers had been made available.
  • 4 frontend engineers: Formed the team built by MPS for the client.
  • 100% of the engineers: Met the qualification criteria.
  • 6 days: Within which the onboarding process was kicked off successfully.


The project was such a hit that the partner is currently still working with MatchPoint for adding more engineers to their client's team.

An overview of MatchPoint

We have been delivering game-changing transformation solutions for the fastest-growing companies globally since 2006. Our work has been helping businesses scale fast and drive excellent ROI through our flexible delivery models, global perspectives, and localized expertise.

Why choose MatchPoint?

We are passionate about our clients' success and always strive to deliver them the greatest value through services that drive fast and incredible ROI, improved efficiencies and profits, superior experiences, and complete satisfaction with decisions and investments. We promise:

Engagement that prioritizes convenience.

Our Flexible Delivery Model uniquely combines boutique-level focus with a global scale and abilities to enable Onsite, Offsite, and Offshore solutions for our clients.

Expertise that serves excellence.

Our deep expertise gathered from over 500+ customer engagements in 12+ countries by a diverse talent of 2200+ best-in-class consultants ensures client success anywhere in the world.

Execution that enhances experiences.

We have been the preferred transformation partner for the fastest growing companies including many Fortune 500 businesses for 16 years, and our 100% client retention rate today is just one way to measure the continuous value and exceptional service we provide.

How MatchPoint can help you

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